Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Photoshop task - how to episode 2

How to smooth out jagged edges

If you have a shape with jagged edges and you want to make them smooth follow this how to.

Make sure your image is selected, then contract the selection by 2 pixels

Then you click on Channels tab, then Create New Channel

Now you'll see the image entirely black with the selection active, click edit, fill and then white 

Deselect then click Filter>>Blur>>n Blur

Then you go to image, adjustment then choose levelsBring the end point sliders in towards the center till you are happy you have a smooth edge, click ok
Down on channels tab, click load channel as selection 

Click on your Layers Tab, add new layer

Keep selection active and flood fill with black

Deselect and move layer under your original image, clip the original image to your new smooth layer 

Merge Visible and there you have it a smooth shape


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Women in rap and hip hop videos

In rap and hip hop videos women are portrayed as items and objects owned by men and are considered eye candy this is ,in my opinion,bad because it gives men a bad idea on how to treat women which is unfair on the women. Also the youth of today are so easily influenced by the media these days that if boys of my age start watching these videos and start treating girls as eye candy it won't be fair on the girls because it will show that men own women. But like I said the youth of today are influenced easily so if a young teenage girl watched a 50 cent video and 50 is talking about his girls being his and how the girls are fine with it and acting normal about it that girl who is watching it is she gets into a relationship with the guy who thinks this is the right thing to do she will be fine with it because she has watched a music video with a famous rapper, a role model, doing this she will accept it and live the rest of her life as someone's trophy girl, this is not how I would want to live and I don't think you would like to live like that either.

The worst thing about this is that it is not just popping up in music videos! Girls not wearing very much with very nice features are appearing everywhere for example look at the Disney channel, good looking girls in hot pants and vest tops, we didn't have this a few years ago but now it is the norm. Women are pictured like this everywhere movies,tv programs,adverts and obviously music videos, but on the TV and in the movies there are many different types of women presented along side the trophy girls such as strong business women, teachers and authors which, again in my opinion, is what we should try and make the children of today become rather then trophy girls.

That is why I don't agree with the first and third statement but the second statement us something i don't agree with because it shows that men have no other views on women that that which is wrong because women are alot more than that.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Slide show and WWWs and EBIs

In my presentation i showed a great understanding of of representation of people in music videos.

WWW:I showed a good understanding of pinks music video and pulled out some good points on the JB vid.

I also presented it well with a nice projected voice

And the slide show i created was well made and obvious effort was put into it

EBI:I did not face the audience constantly but i had to look at the slide to tell me what to say so i should of memorised it more.

also more media in my presentation and made it more "wow"

also if we used less crude language because we sorta said a bad word

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Homework 300-400 words thing.

I do not agree with the statements made by hip hop saying that if you do not have a load of money and girls you are not a real man or soft. This is because if you do not have these things for a certain reason this will make you soft and not a man when you quite clearly are. These hip hop videos are imposing a false ideal for people to become which are sometimes not the best things to become e.g. a person who has loads of lady friends and loads of money which might not be legitimately owned.

This is a unhealthy form of masculinity which is created for people to become and to idolise but it knocks the people who are not this by saying that that they are the opposite which is bad because variety and difference is good in the world. Otherwise we'd all be gangsters in a candy shop!

Hip hop representation of men also presents a lot of hyper masculinity which is basically an exaggeration of masculinity. Okay every man will have money and some men will have loads of money and even some men will have no money because of whatever situation. But if a man has lost all his money because he has been framed in a crime (extreme example I know), this man is innocent, he is now a wimp and not a real man because of horrible misfortune. Or if someone has something wrong externally on their body and can not get girlfriends because of this and is not a real man consequently this is is tarnishing people with the same brush.

So no I do not agree with the views of masculinity in hip hop because they are somewhat elitist and they offer false ideals and role models.