Friday, 30 August 2013

Saturdays media blog

Today I woke up with my phone as an alarm because I don't know how to set up my other alarm and its generally easier to use. Then got ready for Airsoft. Airsoft is a sport that found when searching for military simulation games on the Internet. Later on I played Airsoft and saw an "Aliens" inspired colonial marine outfit that was pretty awesome !!! Also I went on YouTube earlier because I don't like mindless Saturday night TV - after this I'm going on Xbox I played MW3 and BF3 for the same reason !

Lunchtime youtube post

Today i watched youtube videos in form then Mr Southworth told me to go off and write some stuff on my blog - this is another form of Media - Now i am writing on my blog. I was watching youtube because it passes the time. I also watched Miley Cyrus' VMA performance 'twas disturbing.These things all deserve to be in this blog because some of these videos are viral and all are on the internets.

Try not to burn your eyes out

Post about last nights media

Last night i played xbox for a while then i used the computer to do my homework and I also plays Fallout New Vegas because homewrk is boring. Later I watched tv. Then this moring i ate breakfast while watching the news.