Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lifestyle Magazines: direct address 200 words


That what I am using as I don't have a lifestyle magazine to hand.

The front cover of this magazine has many instances of direct address which are showing the reader what they should read because they want to become aware of what they are reading. Straight away at the top of the page it says "your new favourite jeans - find them on page 39" this is straight away telling the reader that they like the jeans when they haven't even seen them, this is an attempt to get the reader to look at the jeans decide if they want them or not then decide if their going to buy them. Again under the titles it says "your guide to gorgeous" this will attract people who are aspiring to be gorgeous and want fashion tips to look gorgeous. Towards the right side of the page theirs a title that talks about how some woman has a secret then it says it's not what you think this gets the audience guessing and wanting to read that article so if they haven't bought the magazine they might be temped to buy it. Their is a quiz question title towards the bottom of the page which readers might get interested about, question the self about and maybe even buy the magazine as result of said quiz title because people are really curious about the selfs others and celebrities in particular. Although it doesn't mention celebrities in that part from the front cover you can guess that there is bound to be information on celebs.  

Lifestyle Magazines: layout 200 words


That what I am using as I don't have a lifestyle magazine to hand.

The layout of the front cover is layer out with obviosly the title at the top, stories down either side,especially the left, and a model in the middle. The title is at the top because of the way magazines could be stacked and displayed it shows the title clearly and helps people find it easier when looking for it. The stories around the outside are mainly going down the left hand side but are also near the top. This maybe because this magazine is a top shelf magazine and they are stacked differently or because the story's are places in order of importance. By order of importance I mean how the story's are set out. Top left in the biggest, brightest font is one story then it goes down to a slightly darker colour and slightly smaller font then again to the next story, then it proceeds to the right hand side all the titles are the same colour and size this could show these stories are considered all if equal importance. The title is written in big bold font with half of it written in human writing to perhaps set the tone/ mood of the magazine in general, from what if an tell this magazine is quite chatty.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women in music videos +/-

Women are represented differently is music videos some positively and others negatively.  A lot of the time negatively.
For example:

Robin thicke blurred lines


- obviously the girls are very attractive

- they are wearing tiny skirts and see through stuff that looks like cling film to show off their body

- the men are smartly dressed

- there are things like beds, bikes, giant dice and many other things associated with masculinity, sex and things that make the girls look good

- there are many close ups of the girls

- many pans of the singers and girls

- a lot of suductive dance moves by the girls

Also Katy perry California girls


- tight clothes showing off a lot of cleavage

- a lot of innuendo with the ice cream and lolly pops

- snoop is playing the board game that controls them

- Katy fights off a gummy bear army with her breasts

Also women are represented positively in videos, like this:


Beyoncé Girls run the world
- many pans and zoom in/zoom outs on the crowds of women

- a barren wasteland maybe to show that women cant run the world

- wearing smart clothes but some are revealing


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Photoshop task - how to episode 2

How to smooth out jagged edges

If you have a shape with jagged edges and you want to make them smooth follow this how to.

Make sure your image is selected, then contract the selection by 2 pixels

Then you click on Channels tab, then Create New Channel

Now you'll see the image entirely black with the selection active, click edit, fill and then white 

Deselect then click Filter>>Blur>>n Blur

Then you go to image, adjustment then choose levelsBring the end point sliders in towards the center till you are happy you have a smooth edge, click ok
Down on channels tab, click load channel as selection 

Click on your Layers Tab, add new layer

Keep selection active and flood fill with black

Deselect and move layer under your original image, clip the original image to your new smooth layer 

Merge Visible and there you have it a smooth shape


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Women in rap and hip hop videos

In rap and hip hop videos women are portrayed as items and objects owned by men and are considered eye candy this is ,in my opinion,bad because it gives men a bad idea on how to treat women which is unfair on the women. Also the youth of today are so easily influenced by the media these days that if boys of my age start watching these videos and start treating girls as eye candy it won't be fair on the girls because it will show that men own women. But like I said the youth of today are influenced easily so if a young teenage girl watched a 50 cent video and 50 is talking about his girls being his and how the girls are fine with it and acting normal about it that girl who is watching it is she gets into a relationship with the guy who thinks this is the right thing to do she will be fine with it because she has watched a music video with a famous rapper, a role model, doing this she will accept it and live the rest of her life as someone's trophy girl, this is not how I would want to live and I don't think you would like to live like that either.

The worst thing about this is that it is not just popping up in music videos! Girls not wearing very much with very nice features are appearing everywhere for example look at the Disney channel, good looking girls in hot pants and vest tops, we didn't have this a few years ago but now it is the norm. Women are pictured like this everywhere movies,tv programs,adverts and obviously music videos, but on the TV and in the movies there are many different types of women presented along side the trophy girls such as strong business women, teachers and authors which, again in my opinion, is what we should try and make the children of today become rather then trophy girls.

That is why I don't agree with the first and third statement but the second statement us something i don't agree with because it shows that men have no other views on women that that which is wrong because women are alot more than that.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Slide show and WWWs and EBIs

In my presentation i showed a great understanding of of representation of people in music videos.

WWW:I showed a good understanding of pinks music video and pulled out some good points on the JB vid.

I also presented it well with a nice projected voice

And the slide show i created was well made and obvious effort was put into it

EBI:I did not face the audience constantly but i had to look at the slide to tell me what to say so i should of memorised it more.

also more media in my presentation and made it more "wow"

also if we used less crude language because we sorta said a bad word

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Homework 300-400 words thing.

I do not agree with the statements made by hip hop saying that if you do not have a load of money and girls you are not a real man or soft. This is because if you do not have these things for a certain reason this will make you soft and not a man when you quite clearly are. These hip hop videos are imposing a false ideal for people to become which are sometimes not the best things to become e.g. a person who has loads of lady friends and loads of money which might not be legitimately owned.

This is a unhealthy form of masculinity which is created for people to become and to idolise but it knocks the people who are not this by saying that that they are the opposite which is bad because variety and difference is good in the world. Otherwise we'd all be gangsters in a candy shop!

Hip hop representation of men also presents a lot of hyper masculinity which is basically an exaggeration of masculinity. Okay every man will have money and some men will have loads of money and even some men will have no money because of whatever situation. But if a man has lost all his money because he has been framed in a crime (extreme example I know), this man is innocent, he is now a wimp and not a real man because of horrible misfortune. Or if someone has something wrong externally on their body and can not get girlfriends because of this and is not a real man consequently this is unfair.it is tarnishing people with the same brush.

So no I do not agree with the views of masculinity in hip hop because they are somewhat elitist and they offer false ideals and role models.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Homework task photo shop evaluation

My image looks like a TV logo. I am quite pleased with the finished product because it shows the Ravenswood logo so it represents the school but also it has the colours of the school, green, black and white, which also shows unity to the school. 

The first letters of the words on the titles are in the same colour and there are silhouettes of chess pieces to show that its chess,obviously, the only thing I would change would be to make the the silhouettes black only because it looks better than just one white one and the rest black.

I still need to work on my Photoshop skills because i am still a bit rusty on my basic skills, I will better my skills by doing extra Photoshop sessions in my own time. So when I come to my next Photoshop task I can produce a piece to exceptional quality. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Homework Photoshop Task - How To

How to replace an image with another on Photoshop :)

1) Open both images in Photoshop then drag the background layer from one image onto the other. The top layer will have the parts you want to keep and the bottom with the bits you want to paste on.

2) Select both layers in the image that you’re working on and click Edit > Auto-Align Layers and select Auto.
Photoshop will now align the two layers so that the images in both layers will be aligned on top of each other. To do this you need to have two images with very little difference between them and this image lined up pretty well as a result.

3) Click on the topmost layer and add a layer mask to it by clicking the Add Layer Mask icon at the foot of the Layers palette.
The mask is filled with white by default, which means that the entire content of the top layer is visible, and the bottom layer not visible at all.

4) Select black as your foreground colour and choose a soft edge brush. Target the mask by clicking on it so you’re painting on it and then paint over the object you want to cut out in the image to reveal the face from the layer image below.

5) You’ll need to make some small choices about how much of the layer below you reveal with the mask – if you take too much you can paint back on the mask with white to reveal the top layer again.

6) Finish by taking a critical look at the final image and, if necessary, adjust the mask or add a new layer and clone elements from the layers below to fine tune the image.

The entire process will not take long if you get used to Photoshop or know your way around it!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Connotation and Denotation

 Denotation: There is fire, a devil, a skeleton witch and sort of magic space thing in the back ground.
Connotation: There is a devil surrounded by fire which suggests hell and burning. Also a large skeleton witch who's bigger than the devil this could suggest hallucinations or something.
 Denotation: Dark pink writing on a lighter pink back ground with white stripes.
Connotation:With the colour scheme it a appears to be of quite feminine colours. Also it looks like a jay cloth.
 Denotation: Two men in a sunny town shaking hands. Both men are well dressed.
Connotation: These people can be doing a business deal in a deserted town. The man is also on fire so he could be doing a deal with the devil or doing some sort of bad deal.
Denotation: 4 guys standing in an empty rocky space with a random building.
Connotation: 4 people standing in emptiness looking board or in deep thought. They have all peed on the building.
Denotation: Wavy lines - Sound waves.
Connotation: Wavy lines that look like a mountain range or sound waves or a heartbeat.
Denotation: A guy in a dark room with light on his face.
Connotation:  The eyes could follow you around and make you pick the album up and want to buy it/consider buying it.
Denotation:Four guys and two hands in a dark room with light shining on top of them.
Connotation:The light could be divine light as if god was shining on them saying that they are a divine band, which they are its queen for gods sake.
Denotation:4 men in suits one woman in a white dress standing in front of a stripy background.
Connotation: They look quite well dressed the band looks smart and watchable. The colours used are quite smart so people who wouldn't normally have this style of music in their house/car because of the cover people might consider this one because of how smart looking the cover is.

Denotation: A woman touching her bum, she is naked, she has a black glove o her hand.
Connotation: A picture of a naked woman touching herself this is trying to appeal to the male/teen audience. The album could be full of sexual innuendo so the cover is then referring to the content of the disk.
Denotation: A guy wearing as white shirt with blue jeans and a red rag out of his back pocket standing in front of the American flag
Connotation: Standing in front of the American flag being patriotic.wearing typical clothes for an american cool guy. You can smell the freedom ! ... And the cheese burgers.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Waterloo Road Case Study

I think the Waterloo Road logo is set up like this because it for one shows the name of the program but when you take a closer look at it it is made up of desks and pupils which shows its a school as well. If you look closely there is people sitting around the tables and somebody lying on the floor and teachers running around, this could show an exhausted bunch of teachers running around a busy, disruptive class which shows off the school perfectly.

The cast that are in Waterloo Road try to appeal to many people because they have people from different social groups, ethnicities, ages and different sexes. There are people who are well dressed and look ready for business which people can relate to. Also there are women that are sat

Waterloo road is on Thursdays at 8PM at night I recon that it is broadcasted at this time because it is on the time when young people who can be influenced by these programs are in bed and the more mature children that can watch this and not be badly influenced are watching this before bed. This is before the Watershed so it will contain some more graphic content than usual.

Sunday's Media Blog

Today I woke up with my phone as my alarm again and ate my breakfast while checking my Facebook. I always do this because I check the news on my Ipad as well because its good tho know whats going on in the world. Then I did my science homework while watching something on Xbox because when I have background noise I feel like I work better and Xbox is connected to the internet and you can access many forms of media including social media.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Saturdays media blog

Today I woke up with my phone as an alarm because I don't know how to set up my other alarm and its generally easier to use. Then got ready for Airsoft. Airsoft is a sport that found when searching for military simulation games on the Internet. Later on I played Airsoft and saw an "Aliens" inspired colonial marine outfit that was pretty awesome !!! Also I went on YouTube earlier because I don't like mindless Saturday night TV - after this I'm going on Xbox I played MW3 and BF3 for the same reason !

Lunchtime youtube post

Today i watched youtube videos in form then Mr Southworth told me to go off and write some stuff on my blog - this is another form of Media - Now i am writing on my blog. I was watching youtube because it passes the time. I also watched Miley Cyrus' VMA performance 'twas disturbing.These things all deserve to be in this blog because some of these videos are viral and all are on the internets.

Try not to burn your eyes out

Post about last nights media

Last night i played xbox for a while then i used the computer to do my homework and I also plays Fallout New Vegas because homewrk is boring. Later I watched tv. Then this moring i ate breakfast while watching the news.