Thursday, 27 February 2014


The purple colour font shows that the target audience is directed at people that are upper class or believe that they are upper class.

The background is green as its a picture of nature. This could suggest that the is magazine is calm, as nature is.

The content is about love, looking good and things to be aspirational towards.

The cover lines are aimed towards more feminine thing or things that women would be  more concerned about.

The use of the model credit in a cover line tidies up the page but it mainly it makes the story more personal too the reader.

There are conspiratorial tones used to make the readers interested in the articles and make them want to read the magazine. This can be used to make a reader buy the magazine.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Magazine front cover

The title of the magazine matched the colour of her jumper

The Font corresponds with the articles eg how to get skinny (The word skinny is skinnier than the rest of the sentence)

The main words in the sentence are highlighted and in italics or bold to show that they are the most important word in the sentence

Good use of background that was already there and placement of title behind her head

Finished changing the font to fonts that match the style of magazine

Space out the cover lines better - Balance

Make bar code and price look more realistic

Use font colour that stands out better on her jumper

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Weel Magazine Thing

Airsoft International Magazine - Red writing in the title because airsoft is quite a physical sport it requires a lot of stamina and some people are quite passionate about it. Also red is quite an aggressive colour and airsoft requires aggression and it is quite intense, red is an intense colour. Yellow text used on the cover lines show humor, knowledge, intellect and creativity because they are all articles that contain these traits.

Adventure Fishing Magazine - The blue background shows peace and fishing is quite a relaxing and peaceful sport ( Until you find the big ones ! ) also the yellow text and highlights show knowledge and intellect which these articles contain and it also show fun because fishing is fun !

Baked and Delicious Magazine - Blue text to show peace and calmness and the red text to show passion these things can be associated with baking because baking is a peaceful thing to do but also people get really passionate about baking.

 Pony Magazine - The pink text is quite girly but also artistic and peaceful and the yellow text and highlights show intellect and the showing of knowledge as the cover lines portray and probably the articles about.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Colour Connotations in Magazines

Different colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer.

Baking: If i was making a magazine on baking i would use green colour font because green is quite a homely colour so it looks quite accepting and loving, as a lot of love and effort is used when baking.As for background i would use a yellow background as baking is fun!

Gaming: I would use the colours Red and Orange because Red shows passion and people get quite passionate about gaming. Orange would be the background because gaming stimulates creativity and gives you something to do so it increases productivity.

Ponies: Blue and Green would be the colours that i use on a magazine about ponies because both fonts and green shows love, also green shows nature and blue shows peace as nature is peaceful they both complement each other