Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women in music videos +/-

Women are represented differently is music videos some positively and others negatively.  A lot of the time negatively.
For example:

Robin thicke blurred lines

- obviously the girls are very attractive

- they are wearing tiny skirts and see through stuff that looks like cling film to show off their body

- the men are smartly dressed

- there are things like beds, bikes, giant dice and many other things associated with masculinity, sex and things that make the girls look good

- there are many close ups of the girls

- many pans of the singers and girls

- a lot of suductive dance moves by the girls

Also Katy perry California girls

- tight clothes showing off a lot of cleavage

- a lot of innuendo with the ice cream and lolly pops

- snoop is playing the board game that controls them

- Katy fights off a gummy bear army with her breasts

Also women are represented positively in videos, like this:

Beyoncé Girls run the world
- many pans and zoom in/zoom outs on the crowds of women

- a barren wasteland maybe to show that women cant run the world

- wearing smart clothes but some are revealing