Sunday, 1 June 2014

Half term homework questions

The link for the magazine cover I will be using.

1) On the front cover of the magazine there are many different genres of story's. For example there are story's about sex and dating tips and articles about weight loss and how to loose weight. These articles, along with the picture of Adele, who is a aspirational woman that people aspire to be like, strongly suggest that this is a magazine aimed at women. Also the use of the word you and Adele looking at the camera is direct address and grabs the readers attention and would make he. Want to read the story.

2) The main image is very bright, bold and colourful this is something that will grab the readers eye. On the left third the cover lines are in a big and bold. This is because when shelved the reader will be able to see these and if the title is what the reader wants to read they can easily see it and possibly want to read it. The title is, unlike the main image, is dull and not very bright this could be either suggesting that the magazine in General is quite chilled and mellow or it's suggesting that just that particular issue is chilled and mellow.

3) Some of the cover lines used can be seen as something that pressures women. For example there is a cover line that is talking about hot looks 24/7 this could pressure women into believing that they have to look hot 24/7 and is therefore an unfair representation on women

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