Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Media homework

The magazine i am looking at is Easy Living. It's a magazine for women, i can tell this because the content used in the cover lines is content that is stereotypical of women's magazines for example:  "what to wear when you get there" and "beauty news" are generally things that women would be more concerned about and men wouldn't be. Also the words "you" and "you're" are examples of direct address, these words can make the story's more personal to the reader and make the reader want to read it more.

The magazine i am looking at cover is asymmetric, this is because the main image , in particular the colours of the main image, in the middle dose not balance with the colour of the cover lines because the colour of the right side cover lines are black which do not fit in with the white and one black cover lines on the left third, let alone the main image.Also the mastheads colours do not fit with the cover lines but the title does fit with the colour of the main image. The colours used to categorise the topics of the cover lines show the atmosphere of the topic really well, the green on the word food is a great example because food, much like the colour green is healing, it's healthy and it brings stability. Again another example is the "cover star " section, it has a red highlight this could show joy,that the star is here, or the success of the star.

The text used in the writing is mainly sans serif, this could be to set the tone of the stories topics, for example "Easy Elegant Summer Dressing" can be about casual dress as sans serif fonts is for a casual tone, whereas "loose, sexy hair " is in serif font which is a more formal style of writing, this sets the tone for a more formal story. The colours used in the cover lines seem to show two different things. The white text showing social stories "What your friends really think of you" proves this. The black text is more personal stories  which the reader would be interested to read about "Easy Elegant Summer Dressing" yet agin proves this as this is something that the reader will want to read about for them selfs, making it more personal.

The use of italics on the word really puts emphasis on a hidden point in the statement. The brackets after the previous sentence show a sort of 'whispering' this is basically a little thing that can be read and it show what a reader may be thinking after seeing that statement.

"Easy Elegant Summer Dressing" this is an example of poor representation of women. Not all women want to be glamours and elegant but with this cover line it is basically that all women do. Much like the word easy it suggests that women do not like hard work, this is obviously a lie as, especially because in this day and age women make up a considerable amount of the work force. This magazine is obviously aimed at middle class, middle age women but by the time you have read it all you may consider yourself below if your of that description and don't like any of those things.


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